Auto Accident Injuries

Since 1985, we have been helping our patients recover from injuries caused from auto accidents.

We have spent several decades building expertise and relationships within the local health care community. This gives our injured patients access to several specialized evaluations to include MRI, Nerve conduction test, brain imaging, concussion testing, pain management, orthopedic referrals, acupuncture, Neurospine referrals, plastic surgery referrals, physical therapy referrals, urgent care, and neurology. 

If you do not recover from your injuries with our conservative treatment approach we will refer you to our network of healthcare professionals.


How to finance your treatment after an auto accident.

Our office has extended credit options to allow you to get treated and pay for your services at a later time. If you are represented by an attorney, our office may be able to utilize a lien in combination with extended credit to get you the care you need.

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