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Physiotherapy/Movement Center Hours 

 Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm  |  Saturday 8am - 3pm  |  Sunday 9am - 1pm

620 Alabama, Redlands, CA

Chiropractic - Massage - Acupuncture - Physiotherapy

Movement therapy- Sports Injury Rehabilitation- Personal Training

X-Ray on site, including TB Chest X-Rays

Insurance Accepted Including HMO/PPOs

Auto Insurance and Attorney Liens Accepted

                               Car accident/injury treatment plans available

                                     Custom treatment and recovery plans

                          We help you through your entire claims process

Located in the historic city of Redlands, California, our practice has over a 130 years of combined expertise. Each doctor believes that they were created to love their patients, families, and those around them.

We combine the science and the art, providing the finest quality of care with modern chiropractic techniques, new equipment, and advanced technology.

Our many years of radiology experience gives us a unique expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of the human body as it relates to the spine. Dating back to when we personally hand processed plain film X-rays, to our current state of the art digital X-ray computer, we have been able to track the changes a spine goes through over time, following the same spine for nearly 3 decades. The doctor in our office that examines your spine, conducts your X-ray, and studies your images, is the same doctor that provides your personal hands on treatment to the spine. This allows us to provide an unmatched individualized treatment program for each patient.

We have spent several decades building special relationships within the local health care community. These relationships give our patients access to several fields of experience and talent to help our patients, either through referrals or peer-to-peer consultations.

Our patients are awesome and we love working with them.

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